How to choose kitchen faucet correctly?
  • Date:2022-12-20
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Many people find that the house has many problems after decoration, especially for kitchen faucets, which are often used. Once problems occur, they will cause a lot of trouble, so you must do your homework before purchasing. So the question is, how should we choose the kitchen faucet correctly?
1、 By Structure Type
In order to facilitate use, the kitchen faucet should be higher, and the water outlet should be longer. It should be able to extend above the drain outlet without splashing. If there is a hot water pipeline in the kitchen, double tap is the best choice. In order to meet various use needs, most kitchen faucets can be rotated left and right now. In recent years, the new pull type faucets can pull out the faucets to facilitate cleaning to all corners of the sink, but the disadvantage is that when pulling out the faucets, one hand should be free to hold the faucets, while the faucets of some faucets can rotate 360 ° up and down.
2、 By Material
The material of kitchen faucet is generally brass, which is the common pure copper faucet on the market. However, due to the characteristics of the kitchen environment, pure copper faucets are not necessarily a good choice. All pure copper faucets are plated on the outer layer to prevent internal corrosion and rust. The kitchen has a lot of oil smoke. In addition to the greasy and detergent on your hands when washing dishes, you often need to clean the faucet. If the cleaning method is not correct, it is likely to damage the electroplating layer of the faucet, causing corrosion and rust of the faucet. If you want to choose a copper kitchen faucet, you must choose electroplating, otherwise it is easy to cause rust and corrosion of the faucet.
Now some manufacturers have used 304 stainless steel to make faucets. Compared with pure copper faucets, stainless steel faucets are lead-free, acid resistant, alkali resistant, non corrosive, non releasing harmful substances, and will not pollute the water source. This is very important for drinking water in the kitchen; And stainless steel faucets do not need electroplating, not easy to rust, hardness, toughness are more than twice as high as copper products, so it is very convenient to clean. However, due to the high processing difficulty of stainless steel, the current stainless steel faucets are usually relatively expensive.
3、 The length of the water nozzle should take into account both sides of the sink
When purchasing, pay attention to the length of the water basin and faucet. If the sink is a double basin, pay attention to the length of the faucet when rotating
4、 With anti calcification system and anti backflow system
Calcium will deposit in the shower head and automatic cleaning system. Similarly, kitchen faucets will also accumulate some calcium after several years of use. The faucet with anti calcification system should be selected when purchasing, because it can prevent the equipment from being calcified internally. When all seals inside the faucet fail, the faucet with backflow prevention system can still ensure that no backflow pollution accidents occur and the water quality is clean. Therefore, pay attention to whether the selected faucet has these two functions.

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