How to choose a shower?
  • Date:2022-08-01
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A comfortable bathing experience requires the combination of water heater, filter and water pressure. When these conditions cannot be achieved, the illusion of bathing falls on the shower.
1、 Top spray or hand held?
When buying shower showers, the shopping guide will always ask you whether you prefer a hand-held shower or a shower set with a top spray. This point varies from person to person, so more and more people choose to have both top spray and hand-held shower sets. It's a little expensive, but it's worth it to meet the family's more choices.
Even if the appearance is similar, the spraying effect of different sprinklers is different. The shape of the showerhead looks similar. When selecting the showerhead, the spraying effect is seen. The spraying effect of each small spray hole of the high-quality showerhead is balanced and consistent, and the shower effect can be smooth and dripping under different water pressures.
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2、 Is there any particular about the material of the shower?
The cost of copper shower is on the high side. Although it is common in shape, its durability is still high. Now if you really want to pursue quality, you need to follow the route of "copper" + "electroplating". When you buy a shower, you can see the gloss and smoothness of the shower. A bright and smooth shower shows that the coating is uniform and the quality is relatively good. Such a shower shower is naturally more durable, because the electroplating process can really avoid water stains. After washing and washing, it can still be bright and clean after a year and a half.
3、 Is the valve core important?
Important! The valve core is the heart of the shower. The control of the steering, pressure and flow of the shower basically depends on the valve core. It is also the key component for mixing cold water and hot water. Directly, it can affect the comfort and use time of your bath. The constant temperature shower that can comfortably bathe also depends on the valve core to control the temperature. As we all know, the constant temperature shower can save you the time to adjust the water temperature, and it will not be hot and cold when bathing.
4、 Does constant temperature shower have high requirements for water quality?
Constant temperature showers also have requirements for water quality, but they are not so strict. As long as there is no obvious suspended substance in the water, impurities will lead to inaccurate constant temperature of the shower, so there will be no comfortable bathing experience. Correspondingly, the valve core will be damaged, resulting in shorter service life of the shower.

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