Intelligent energy-saving and environmental friendly Electric Towel Warmers
  • Date:2022-08-06
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The electric towel warmers are widely used in families, hotels, medical and pension institutions and other places.

SUS304 material  
Strong corrosion resistance and wearing resistance, not easy to rust,and more durable.
Use carbon fiber to heat, uniform heating, large calorific value, can reach the set temperature in 3-5 minutes.
Easy control the temperature and timing – touch screen to adjust the temp and time, with the smart temperature control and the smart timing switch, when the set temperature is reached, the heating will stop, and when the set time is reached, the power will be automatically cut off. No need to worry about overheating or forgetting to turn off the power, use safely and save energy.

Product certification:
pass the waterproof testing and reach IPX4 level; pass the electric leakage detection and reach 3C level.

Available Finishes:
Brush Nickel, Matte Black, PVD Gun Metal, PVD Brush Gold, 

Product Features:
Drying function - By keeping the electric towel warmer at a certain temperature, you can place the wet towels, underwear, small clothes etc on it to dry. 
Anti-bacteria & remove odors - Electric towel warmer can quickly dry towels and clothes to avoid bacteria growth to achieve bacteriostasis, and remove odors.  
Bathroom dehumidification - Electric towel warmer can not only dry towels and emit heat while working, but also improve the humid environment of the bathroom.
Auxiliary heating - Electric towel warmer can increase the temperature of the bathroom to a certain extent, especially in winter, the increase in the bathroom temperature creates a comfortable bathing environment.


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